Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Beginnings

Spring has sprung in the Northeast! 

Finally, those Perennials you've nurtured every year are beginning to fulfill their promise of vibrant color with each passing day.

  Weekend warriors are maximizing days off to get last years Perennials split and replanted, adding some Annuals for immediate satisfaction,  all the while waiting for new growth to show itself before plucking it out of the ground as an unwanted weed.

  I like the saying that,  "It's only a weed if you don't like where it's growing." Many "weeds" are as beautiful as their non-weed neighbors. And they are so easy to grow! they just show up, don't need pampering and will go places their non-weed counterparts wouldn't even think of.  Ha! I have a sprinkling of weeds  all over my garden - And that's ok. It's all part of the garden.

For a few short months (about 6 if we are lucky), all of this happens in an ever revolving enjoyable cycle with nature and the environment.  A cycle that I have come to love and appreciate.

And just like the new beginnings in my garden, I myself am going for a new beginning!  After 23 years in  Real Estate working with buyers and sellers and more recently managing a local Real Estate office,  I have accepted a position and will begin my new "season" this coming Tuesday.  Coldwell Banker Walsh Real Estate is a well known local, Independently Owned office with a National Brand. 

I'm excited about the new landscape before me and this new growth opportunity.  I'm hopeful it will be as satisfying as are the fabulous seasons of my garden.  If you're out an about in Stratham, our office is at  Pipers Landing at the Stratham Circle - 142 Portsmouth Avenue. Stop by! We are never to busy to take time out for friends and those friends we haven't met yet! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

2016 NH Seacoast Average Home Sale Report

 2016 NH Seacoast Average Hom Sale Report - 19 Seacoast Towns - I review both Single Family and Condominium sales in these markets.  Inventory overall is still low, marketing times are under 90 days (Still a Sellers market) and overall the Average List to Sale ratio is around 97%.

Below is a list of towns and their Average Sale Prices for 2016 (Single Family Homes Only). Send me an email if you'd like a copy of the report for your town.

Better yet, when you or someone you know is getting ready to buy or sale give me a call and I will walk you through the process.

Single Family and Condo Average Sale Price by Town

Single Family Average Home Sale Prices 2016 (Including % change from 2015) - 63% of towns covered here saw an increase in the Home Sale Price over 2015.  

  • Dover $296,000 Up 8% from 2015
  • Durham $359,000 Down 6% 
  • Exeter $365,000 Up 4%
  • Greenland $547,000 Up 18%
  • Hampton (excluding beach area) $391,000 Down 4%
  • Hampton Beach $465,000 Up 33%
  • Hampton Falls $551,000 Up 13%
  • New Castle $995,000 Down 15%
  • Newfields $450,000 Up 54%
  • Newington $840,000 Up 8%
  • Newmarket $335,000 Up 14%
  • North Hampton $549,000 Down 2%
  • Portsmouth $499,000 Up 4%
  • Rye $853,000 Up 17%
  • Rochester $196,000 Up 14%
  • Rollinsford $251,000 Down 1%
  • Seabrook (excludes beach area) $300,000 Down 5%
  • Seabrook Beach $634,000 Up 2%
  • Somersworth $198,000 Up 12%
  • South Hampton $355,000 Down 6%
  • Stratham $478,000 Down 6%

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

Election Day 2016-

 Please Get Out And Vote! 

 Your Vote IS Your Voice!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Maine Home Sales Q3 2016

Southern MAINE Home Sales 3rd Quarter 2016

We've come to the end of Q3 and we have just tallied up sales figures for 7 Select Seacoast Towns.  We look at Single Family as well as Condo for each town.  We collect data from our local MLS (MREIS) through each quarter and report the results.  This period is - July 1—Sept 30 2016

Compared to Q3 2015, Sales in Q3 2016 -Overall
Average Sale Price Increased by 9%
Number of Homes Sold Increased by an avg of 3%
Days on Market Dropped by 8%
List to Sale Ratio Averaged 96%

Ask Your Weichert Realtors Points East Yankee Trader Sales Associate To Walk You Through The Market Dynamics Taking Place In Your Neighborhood.

Below is a little Videographic I just put together based on this quarters numbers.  Copies of these reports are available in our community section of our web site.  Just click on a town for additional information.

Below is a list of the Average 3rd Quarter Home Sale Price for the towns analyzed. Click on a town to get more information.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Home Sales Report Q3-New Hampshire Seacoast

Home Sales Data for the 3rd Quarter of 2016 - A quick 3 minute Videographic Overview - 

Click a town link below to view additional information
 on sales and market trends during this or earlier quarters.

Average Sale Price for Single Family Homes - Q3/2016

· Dover, NH               $315,000
· Durham, NH            $383,000
· Exeter, NH               $395,000
· Greenland, NH         $629,000
· Hampton, NH          $395,000
· Hampton Beach      $552,000
· Hampton Falls, NH$616,000
· New Castle, NH     $1070,000
· Newfields, NH            $475,000
· Newmarket, NH     $350,000
· Newington, NH       $300,000
· No Hampton, NH   $513,000
· Portsmouth, NH     $573,000
· Rochester, NH      $200,000
· Rollinsford, NH     $280,000
· Rye, NH      $809,000
· Seabrook, NH      $275,000
· Seabrook Beach     $854,000
· Somersworth, NH  $193,000
· South Hampton, NH   $561,000
· Stratham, NH      $559,000

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Magic Water Fairy...

The Magic Water Fairy
As I sit here on Labor Day weekend providing moral support and an occasional glass of water for my friend who is working diligently (on his day off) to make bathroom repairs,  I'm thinking about Water.  At the end of the day it's all about the water.  The water you use on a daily basis, inside your home. Water you bath with, wash your face with, shave your legs/face, wash your hair, brush your teeth with, cook your meals with, wash your dishes, launder your clothes, soak your feet, clean your house, wipe up spills, water your house plants....It's ALL ABOUT THE WATER.

Do you ever wonder what happens to that water when it goes down the drain? I'M NOT TALKING
Where Does It Go?
ABOUT WASTE WATER FROM THE TOILET - But the everyday water you use elsewhere in the home.  Where does it go?  Personally growing up in the city, from the time I could reach the faucet, water just appeared when I turned the handle. It was like a magic water fairy-whoosh it's there, whoosh it's gone... end of story.

Then I moved to New England (a good thing), where a large percentage of households are on private Well and private Sewer systems and you need to be aware of these systems, as without them, you're up a creek or shit out of luck (puns intended.)

5 Gallon Solar Shower
I never really appreciated the luxury of water from a tap until now with my personal experience using (or not being able to use) water from the tap inside the house.  A few weeks ago I had a leak in the bathroom that required the reconstruction of the floor.  This meant I'd be without a shower (I have a 2nd toilet) until it was completed.  Initially this wasn't so bad, as it's been hot this summer and I have some outdoor privacy, so I took advantage of a solar shower my friend had and made like I was camping.  As far as other tasks (those mentioned at the beginning of this post) and things you might normally take for granted, I just used the kitchen sink, and, I could still do laundry.  At this point I still wasn't overly concerned about the water I use or where it goes.  I'm just doing what I do everyday.

Then last Sunday I woke to the sound of a high pitched alarm.  Well, turns out this was the Septic System pump alarm (ironically, it was on the agenda to be pumped anyway). A call to the Septic people and an appointment was made for the next day.  But, in the meantime I needed to deal with the here and now and what to do for the next 24 hours.

"Ok," I thought,  "this should be easy peasy.  For the next 24 hours while I wait for the Septic to get pumped, just make sure not to let any water go down the drain.  Shower - check. I have the solar shower already set up outside (and I can still use the outdoor hose), Cooking and washing dishes - check. It's only 24 hours and the few cups and plates I have can be washed outside. Laundry, check - that can wait."  My biggest challenge would be where to go to the bathroom.  Fortunately the neighbors are great people and they said "me casa you casa." That's all fine an dandy during the day. However, I'm one of those who doesn't like to wake the neighbors during the middle of the night (if you get my drift).

Rescue Toilet elements haha
5 Gallon - Loo 
So my always-thinking, never-ending problem solving friend went out and fashioned a portable Loo (a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat - filled partially with sawdust and quick absorbing materials) just in case I needed it during the night...

I need say no more about that crap. Other than I'm grateful it would only be for only 24 hours.

Later that day as my friend and I were discussing the events over the last couple of weeks we commented on the "water that isn't from the toilet" and "how much of it is used in a household and is just passed down the drain and basically wasted." Why isn't this water re-purposed so it doesn't go into the septic system or city sewer?  I realized that there is more to this "greywater" story and not all house holdwater is safe to just water the plants with, and that the two of us are not going to solve the worlds problems that afternoon, but I did want to learn more about it (great topic eh!) as I realize every state has it's own regulations for greywater.  For now I'm curious about  "how much water am I using and how does that compare with the average person?" My water bill comes quarterly and they bill a minimum amount unless you go over so it really doesn't tell me how much or where I'm using the water.

Well, seeing I have 24 hours to NOT use the plumbing, I decided I was going to measure how much water I actually use (not including toilet use) to bath, wash my hair and brush my teeth in preparation for my day.  Normally I'd use the shower which would run the entire time.  Now I have a real opportunity to see just what it really takes since I can't use the plumbing.

Out come the measuring cups, deep pots and sprayer hose from the sink.

2 Cups- waiting for water to heat up -
   Used this water to sponge bath - yes it was cold, the left over water I used to water a plant
2 Cups hotter water additionally to finish washing with
1/2 Cup water to brush and rinse my teeth (they are real teeth)
6 Cups getting hair wet in order to wash it- Shoulder length hair over the kitchen sink sucks, but I had to do it- wish I could have gotten a picture of that with my head basically in the bucket using the sprayer.
   I used Dr Bonners soap to wash my hair,then used the water I'd rinsed my head with to rinse out the liquid soap.
8 Cups additional warm water to fully rinse  my hair after washing - what was left I used to water outdoor plants with

Total About a Gallon of Water -  A GALLON!  Nonsense you say! Well, remember I was being very conservative with the water as I wanted to see what it would take to get the job done.  Doing this little exercise,  I realized that you really don't need a lot of water to take care of business, and I guess that's the whole point - We Take Our Water for Granted - We let the water run in the shower or fill the tub up.. while it all trickles away down the drain.  So much waste.

When I got home that day I went online and googled a few things and found out some interesting stats on individual water usage (Click for details) .
How Much Water Do You Use?

Estimates vary, but "reports say that on average each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day."  On the low side that's 29,200 gallons per person per year .  

Well, as my little exercise showed, when you have to you can get by on a whole lot less than what you normally use when you're not really thinking about it.  I figured that If I added 3 loads of laundry a week (which at 25 gallons would be 75 gallons /7 = 11 gallons per day), and dishes (using their estimate of 8 gallons per day) to my numbers that would be about 20 gallons per day - Again this is the water that when used goes down the drain and does NOT include Toilet flushing (which estimates show the average flush is 3 gallons-multiply that by the number times per day)

Below is a list of those activities and what the average person uses per day below.   If you just look at Bathing/Faucet/Laundry/Hand washing dishes you'll be surprised at the daily/annual usage.  Imagine what this number is for an entire town?
Shower - 16 Gallons - Water Saving Showers use about 2 Gallons per minute (say avg shower 8 min)
Bath - About 36 Gallons for full tub
Brushing Teeth - 1 Gallon
Washing Your Face - 1 Gallon
Face/Leg Shaving - 1 Gallon
Dishwasher - 6 to 16 Gallons (newer models less)
Dishwashing by Hand - 8-25 Gallons
Cloths Washer - 25 Gallons (newer models)

This is water that you use and what's left goes JUST GOES DOWN THE DRAIN and into your Septic system or town sewer.  This is "grey water". 

Add all the other sources of water usage and it adds up.....

Just for shits and giggles - HOW much water using the LOW side average of 80 gallons per day per person do our our local towns use?

Kittery, Maine = Population 10,072 - 805,760 gallons per day.  If everyone just reduced their water usage by 10% (or 8 gallons each) that would save the town 80,576 gallons of water per day (or 29,410,240 gallons of water per year)

Portsmouth, NH = Population 21,366 =1,709,280 gallons If everyone used 8 gallons less per day that would be a savings of 170,920 gallons per day or 62,389,085 million gallons per year

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Home Sales Data Q2-2016 VideoGraphic

Home Sales Data for the 2nd Quarter of 2016 - A quick 2 minute Videographic Overview - 


 Click on town name below to go to individual towns to view more information on

Number homes sold, Average Sale Price, Days On Market, List to Sale Ratio.

Average Sale Price for Single Family Homes - Q2/2016

· Dover, NH               $295,000
· Durham, NH            $361,000
· Exeter, NH               $388,000
· Greenland, NH         $472,000
· Hampton, NH          $422,000
· Hampton Beach      $292,000
· Hampton Falls, NH$472,000
· New Castle, NH     $913,000
· Newfields, NH            $453,000
· Newmarket, NH     $309,000
· Newington, NH       $633,000
· No Hampton, NH   $580,000
· Portsmouth, NH     $534,000
· Rochester, NH      $204,000
· Rollinsford, NH     $203,000
· Rye, NH      $931,000
· Seabrook, NH      $282,000
· Seabrook Beach     $706,000
· Somersworth, NH  $198,000
· South Hampton, NH   $428,000
· Stratham, NH      $559,000
If viewing as PDF, click on town name to

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Buying A Home. Risk Money and the cost to close

Risk Money & Cost To Close

When you buy a home,  not only are you paying a “Purchase Price” but you are also going to be paying upfront money referred to as “Risk Money”.  

”Risk Money” is what you spend before you own the home (non-refundable-hence Risk) in order to make sure the home you are buying is worth the Price Tag you’ve agreed to pay.  And, depending on how your contract of sale has been written up, you may have negotiated a period of time to investigate issues of concern which may not have been apparent to you when you first viewed the home.  Often I am asked what these fees and costs are.  I did a little research based on an average sized (1500 SF), 3 bedroom home in the NH/ME Seacoast areas, and what follows are some examples of fees that a buyer may encounter as "RISK" money.  
Risk Money - (FEES vary- These are examples for an average (1500 sf) sized 3 bedroom Single Family Home in the Southern NH/Southern Maine areas) 

Lead Paint Inspection (if built prior to 1978) $375-$675 
Well Water Testing  *$75-$100
Chimney Inspection: Level II $250
Mold Inspection: **$300-$500
Pest Inspection: ** $50.00 - $175
Hazardous Waste - Varies greatly depending on what you are investigating

There may be other conditions with the property you are considering that may require some other type of Inspection not listed here.  

*If you have a General Home Inspection some of these companies also provide testing at an additional cost. Listed here are specific testing estimates.
**If you have a General Home Inspection - the licensed Inspector will do a visual for Pests/Mold and if they see evidence of active infestation will recommend further investigation. The estimates above are for specific inspections should you not have a General Home Inspection or have been advised to seek further advice. As a consumer you are not obligated to use any one particular vendor and are free to use whomever you prefer as long as they are professionals who are engaged in that particular service on a full time basis).

Cost To Close -Beyond Risk Money
After Inspections and assuming you and the seller have agreed to move forward with the transaction,  there are Closing Costs associated with the actual closing of your transaction and apply whether paying CASH or financing. These are summarized below and are due at Closing (unless noted otherwise). Again, prices may vary, and depending on where you live in the country who pays what may differ. These are NH/ME examples and may in part be based on either the price of the home (in the case of Tax Stamps) or size of the home (in the case of Appraisal and Home owners insurance) or on an item or service fee basis.

Appraisal Fee- Paid at time of Service - $400-$500 (Optional for Cash buyer)
Home Owners Insurance -(Optional for Cash buyer)
Home Warranty Insurance - (Optional) $399-$599 covers major systems/appliances in the home
Title Search/Closing Settlement Fee - $645-$675 - You may select the title company.
Tax Stamps (NH $15.00/per thousand of purchase price) in Maine it’s $5.00/Per thousand (split between buyer and Seller - Paid at closing)Owners Title Insurance - based on the sale price of the property - Paying Cash Most Title Companies still require.
Recording of the new Deed -(per page fee) ME $95-$105, NH $145-$205
Proration of property Taxes - Pro-rated at time of closing & depends on whether or not the current seller has paid them
Proration of fuel in tanks (propane or oil)-Based on current prices at time of measurement

Financing?  If you are financing a home there are also costs associated with getting your loan. But before you even start looking at homes you’ll want to talk to a “local” Bank, Mortgage Company or Credit Union and get Pre-Approved.  When you make formal application, the lender will provide you with a Loan Estimate which will spell out the cost of obtaining your loan and how much money you will need to bring to the closing table - in addition to the purchase price.  Within 3 days of Closing you will receive a Closing Disclosure from your lender which spells out all the final fees and how much to bring to closing.

Lender Fees (Sample—Fees Vary by Loan)
Origination Charge to the Lender  (is a flat fee range $750-$1500 (process, underwrite, doc prep, disclosed on Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure)
Discount Points - Are a % of the Loan Amount to discount the Note rate, and can be negative points (lender paid fees)
Appraisal Fee (see Risk Money above $400-$500)
Credit Report $15.00-$29.00
Flood Certification $10.00
Lenders Title Insurance - based on the sale price of the property - If Financing Lenders require
Recording of the mortgage (if financed) ($118.00 est - based on number of pages)
Prepaid Interest on the loan (varies and is based on when you close)
Other Loan Charges
Pro-ration of property taxes (see costs to close above)
Homeowners Insurance (see costs to close above)

Closing Costs and Lender Fees will be due on the day of Closing and in the form of a Bank Certified Check.

It is highly recommended that you speak with a Local Lender even if you have already been pre-qualified with someone else.   Most all lenders have different types of programs that you may be qualified for. You may work with whomever you choose. The links below are local, experienced licensed Lenders who provide a multitude of programs.

Below is a list of service providers from which estimates used in this post were obtained—fees vary and as previously mentioned -consumers may use whomever they wish as long as those professionals are engaged in that line of business on a full time basis. Other service provides may be found online or through personal recommendation.  Additionally, this information is local to the NH/ME seacoast areas.  -  This is an Excellent source for “Know Before You Owe” Tips

When You Work With A Professional - Together You'll Get It Done!

 When you set out to purchase a home you want to know you are in expert hands.  At Weichert Realtors PEYT we are committed to providing all our clients top notch service and attention to every detail.  Together, we get it done.  

The estimates above are based on an average (1500 sf) 3 bedroom home in NH/ME Seacoast area.  Always check with a service provider for their individual costs based on your needs. Additionally, Closing Costs and who pays what may vary depending on where you live in the country.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stratham, NH 2015 Single Family Home Sales

Click for PDF of 5 Yr Mkt Trend Data
Single Family Home Sale Stats for  Stratham - NH  Year Ending 2015

  •  104 Sales *Single Family Home Sales
  •  $483,000 Average Sale Price 
  • Prior to Selling these homes had been on the market at an average list price of $496,000. 
  • 81 Average Days on Market 
  • 97% List to Sale Ratio

Comparing 2015 to 2014 -The total number of homes sold in Stratham was down by 2% - The Average Sale Price was up by 59%. No change on Days on market.

The chart below shows individual towns within our market area for Single Family homes sold during the 2015  More information is available HERE (or visit and  view trends over the last 5 years by town)

2015 New Hampshire Seacoast Average Home Sale Price

Every town has its own dynamics. Call me or talk to your Professional Weichert Sales Associate before listing or selling a property.

Source: Sold data NNEREN MLS- Jan 1,2015-Dec 31,2015 - *Search criteria -Single Family Residential.  Does not include  Multi Family, Mfg, Land, Commercial or Condo (condo data may overlap due to multiple input opportunities within the MLS) Subject to errors and/or omissions.